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School Happenings!

Kelleys Island School Welcomes New Students  

  Last Student

Kelleys Island School has two new student,  Ana and Glade Phonphong.  Ana is a sixth grade student and Glade is a first grade student.  Welcome to the Kelleys Island School family!!



Physical Education

Kelleys Island students don't let anything get in their way as they navigate through the obstacle course in gym class set up by teacher Beth Lesch.

IMG 6240
IMG 6242
IMG 6241
IMG 6239
IMG 6243


Congratulations Caleb

Congratulations Caleb on your first library card at the Kelleys Island School.  Big brother Charlie is helping with book selection!!

Kelleys Island Students Are...

great start

School Activities

Kelleys Island students take their lessons to the outdoor classroom, with lessons on Bird Banding and Testing Water Samples from Lake Erie

Bird Banding
Bird Banding Pictures
Bird Banding 2
Bird Banding-Working together
Bird banding
Water Samples
Pictures - Testing Water Samples on Lake Erie
Water Samples4
Water Samples3
Water Samples2


October Student Presentations

Mark your calendar for the next student presentations - November 21, 2:30-3:00 

The students at Kelleys Island School take pride in their classroom work and work on their presentation skills as they present their work to the community of teachers, family and island residents.  These presentations were from their classroom projects which covered the curriculum areas of Social Studies, Language Arts and History.   They schedule their presentations throughout the school year and welcome anyone to the presentations.  Check the calendar on the school webpage for the dates of future presentations.

Ana Map Skills
Ana presenting her amusement park map and map skills.
Vic Presentation
Viktoriya presenting persuasive writing piece on selling a haunted house.
Nic Presentation
Nic presenting his riddle from the riddle book they wrote.
Glade Presentation
Glade presenting her riddle from the riddle they wrote.


Getting Ready for the Snow??

  The students use these cardboard boxes as “forts” to play a “snowball fight “ game...any time of year!  

They change the game a little each time they play.  They  use the cardboard for "forts' and then try to get each other with snowballs and take snowballs from someone else. The snowballs are made of a soft "pom pom" materialThe snowballs On this day they had the forts all lined up side by side and tried to get Mrs. Green with snowballs.

Snow Fort 1
Snow Fort 2
Snow Fort 3




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KI School Board Attends OSBA Conference

Kelleys Island School Board and Teacher Attend OSBA Capital Conference

Superintendent Phil Thiede, Board Members, Tom Beck, Cindy  Herndon,
Jodie Smith, Technology Director/Teacher, Janice Kraus, Board Member,
Deb Haig and Natasha Skeans

The Members of the Kelleys Island Board of Education, along with Technology Director, Janice Kraus, attended the Ohio School Board Associatiom (OSBA) Capital Conference and Trade Show at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  More than 9,000 people attended his years conference, which included more than 170 sessions of panel discussions, workshops, one-on-one assistance and nationally renowned speakers addressing a variety of educational issues.

Each attendee participated in sessions to help them understand the needs of our students as they enteran ever changing world environment.  Some highlights included:   (Below are just a few of the many topics that were offered)

1.  Having a better understanding of technology available for use in blended programming. 
2.  Models of schools serving as "community centers", that serve the communities educational needs beyond Public Pre-.K-12.
3.  Forming partnerships within the community and with other institutes of learning is a highly sought after models for schools.
4.  "Best Practices" is a term that is now being used for schools using STEM and STEAM learning models. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  Schools who incorporate STEM or STEAM are promoting "literacy" for all students in these fields.
5.  Culture of schools and communities was a topic covered in many sessions. Ranging from how do we promote healthy social      
environments in our schools to how do we engage our communities to be a contributing factor in our childrens education.

For more informaion about the OSBA Capital Confernece and the sessions, visit:



       cross coutry      
Kelleys Island School Running Club

Congratulations on a great season!

On October 5, The Kelleys Island Running Club participated in their last Cross County meet of the 2019 season. They went to Fostoria Ohio and ran in the Elementary races as part of the Fostoria HighSchool Cross Country Invitational.  Following the High School races a ½ mile cross country race was held for runners in grades K-3 and a one mile cross country race was held for the runners in 4-6th grade.  The course was flat and wove around ball diamonds, across fields and around a tennis court. 

Charlie and Caleb Poston and Nik Skeans were in the ½ mile race with 89 other runners!  Charlie ran a personal Cross country ½ mile best of 4.00 minutes and placed 22nd in the K-3 boys race.  Caleb ran a personal cross country ½ mile best of 4.44 and was 33rd in the K-3 boys race and Nik Skeans ran a personal cross country ½ mile best of 5.08 for a 36th place finish in the K-3 boys race.

Vik Skeans lined up amongst some pretty tall 4-6th graders for her one mile cross country race.  She ran a personal cross country one mile best of 8.13 and was in the top 20 in the 4-6th grade girls race.

With each race this season the student athletes learned how to push themselves further as they tested their fitness levels against other children of their ages.  Within the sport of Cross Country (and distance running) comes many lessons, but the memories of Saturdays spent at a Cross country meet in the Ohio autumn season, are life long and treasured!  Thank you to this team for your dedication and fine efforts.  I thoroughly enjoyed “coaching” you and sharing the sport of Cross Country with you.  Looking forward to our next season of winter or spring Track and road races!

“Coach Smith”



Third Meet


On Saturday, September 28, The Kelleys Island School Running Club attended the Vermillion Cross Country Invitational at Vermillion Schools Athletic complex.  The course was flat and fast.  All of the Elementary school age children ran in one race.  The course was short of one mile.  Vik Skeans was the first KI runner across the finish line.  She out sprinted another runner for a very fine finish of 12th girl, in 6.40.  Not far behind was Charlie Poston finishing as 13th boy in 7.07.  Caleb Poston was 15th boy in 7.46 and Nik Skeans was 17th boy in 8.33.  They all received purple finish ribbons.  All of the runners felt positive about their race and even stated that they felt like they could run more! 

Each race experience, along with practice, gives our young runners valuable experiences that help them do better in their next running competition.  Testing their limits each week helps them to extend themselves even more the following race, and gain the confidence that they are stronger and able to participate with success in this exciting sport of Cross Country!

The Running Clubs final race of their season is Saturday October 5 in Fostoria.


IMG 6246   IMG 6245

The Kelleys Island Running Club participated in the Streaks Invitational Youth Race on Saturday September 21, 2019.  The event was a Cross Country meet for High School, Middle School and K-6 runners.  It was held at beautiful Walsh Park in Fremont Ohio.

With approximately 100 runners in the race, this was the biggest event the KI Club runners have participated in!  Here are the results for the 3/4 mile long Cross Country race.   Congratulations to all runners.

Vick Skeans 5th girl in her race with a time of 5:30
Charlie Poston came in at 5:38 (amongst the top 10 boys)
Nik Skeans finished in a personal record time of 7:34
Caleb Poston was FIRST in the kindergarten boys division with a time of 6:28

KI Cross Country Club                       

 The KI School Running Club began its fall cross country season with practice on August 29, 2019.  The club meets 3x a week to run, have fun, and prepare for 3 Cross Country Meets.

“Cross Country is a great sport that teaches many life lessons that our current culture does not promote or fails to emphasize.  These traits not only will help athletes perform better, but they will make their lives better, long after they have crossed the finish line for the last time.”   Life Lessons from Cross Country  Run Ohio November, 2018

Each meet for the elementary age group is a different distance,  between ½ mile to 1 mile long.  Cross Country is ran on grassy surfaces like in a park or on a golf course.  The first meet is September 21 at Walsh Park in Fremont Ohio.  The second meet is on September 28 in Vermillion Ohio and the last meet is October 5 in Fostoria, Ohio.

Good luck to our young runners as they travel to their first Cross country meets!