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School Happenings!

Physical Education

Kelleys Island students don't let anything get in their way as they navigate through the obstacle course in gym class set up by teacher Beth Lesch.

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Fun Days Coming

Plan for Fun School Days

Thursday Feb 20, 2020 - Pajama Day!  Wear your pajamas to school 

Thursday February 27, 2020 - Dress your best for presentations.  Royalty welcome!

Thursday March 5, 2020 - Crazy Hat and/or Hair Day

March 12, 2020 - Mismatch day.  Wear clothes that don't match, wear it backwards, or wear it upside down.  However you want!

Thursday March 19, 2020 - Celebrate Spring! Wear something that reminds you of spring. Baseball, flowers, bunnies, be ready to explain your Spring theme

      PJ   royalty     hat         mismatch           spring 2

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        PJ Day         Dress Best         Crazy Hat       Mismatch Day     Spring Theme


Remember:  Please make sure you can participate safely in our daily routines and that you aren't distracted from your learning






School Activities

Kelleys Island KID'S CLUB

The KI After School Kid's Club meets once a week for an hour of active play, which include STEAM project challenges, crafts, and a healthy snack.  This is a time for studets to have fun while learning new games and skills.



January Student Presentations

Mark your calendar for the next student presentations - Feb 27, 2:30-3:00 

The students at Kelleys Island School take pride in their classroom work and work on their presentation skills as they present their work to the community of teachers, family and island residents.  These presentations were from their classroom projects which covered the curriculum areas of Social Studies, Language Arts and History.   They schedule their presentations throughout the school year and welcome anyone to the presentations.  Check the calendar on the school webpage for the dates of future presentations.

January Presentation
Ana Preso
Charlie Preso


Getting Ready for the Snow??

  The students use these cardboard boxes as “forts” to play a “snowball fight “ game...any time of year!  

They change the game a little each time they play.  They  use the cardboard for "forts' and then try to get each other with snowballs and take snowballs from someone else. The snowballs are made of a soft "pom pom" materialThe snowballs On this day they had the forts all lined up side by side and tried to get Mrs. Green with snowballs.

Snow Fort 1
Snow Fort 2
Snow Fort 3




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Kelleys Island School Running Club

       cross coutry    
Kelleys Island School Running Club

The Kelleys Island School Running Club has been busy keeping up with their work, doing inside running at the school gymnasium.   They work on improving all of their running skills...starting, running techniques, pacing and teamwork. 

On the last day of Winter Running Club, the runners asked to run a mile...that is 22 laps in the gymnasium.  Coach Smith kept track of each persons laps and used encouraging word games to keep everyone motivated and entertained during their efforts.  The picures below show the "team members" working together with Glade to help her finishher last laps. Glade shows her happiness by spreading open her arms in jubilation.  Nice teamwork!!!

RC5RC6  RC1 





Kelleys Island School Board and Teacher Attend OSBA Capital Conference

Superintendent Phil Thiede, Board Members, Tom Beck, Cindy  Herndon,
Jodie Smith, Technology Director/Teacher, Janice Kraus, Board Member,
Deb Haig and Natasha Skeans

The Members of the Kelleys Island Board of Education, along with Technology Director, Janice Kraus, attended the Ohio School Board Associatiom (OSBA) Capital Conference and Trade Show at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  More than 9,000 people attended his years conference, which included more than 170 sessions of panel discussions, workshops, one-on-one assistance and nationally renowned speakers addressing a variety of educational issues.

Each attendee participated in sessions to help them understand the needs of our students as they enteran ever changing world environment.  Some highlights included:   (Below are just a few of the many topics that were offered)

1.  Having a better understanding of technology available for use in blended programming. 
2.  Models of schools serving as "community centers", that serve the communities educational needs beyond Public Pre-.K-12.
3.  Forming partnerships within the community and with other institutes of learning is a highly sought after models for schools.
4.  "Best Practices" is a term that is now being used for schools using STEM and STEAM learning models. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  Schools who incorporate STEM or STEAM are promoting "literacy" for all students in these fields.
5.  Culture of schools and communities was a topic covered in many sessions. Ranging from how do we promote healthy social      
environments in our schools to how do we engage our communities to be a contributing factor in our childrens education.

For more informaion about the OSBA Capital Confernece and the sessions, visit: