During the early 1830's there were as many as five schools on the island at one time. Lucretia Wood was the first teacher. Even though she had 

no school building to teach from, she already had ten pupils in the year 1836. The first school was built in 1837, and Miss M.M. Dean was the

In 1901, a new school building was built on Division Street near the center of the island. Mr. James Estes, a generous citizen, donated $15,000
to the beginning of the construction. The building was completed in 1903.

The addition of a library, multi-purpose room, kitchen, storage room, and three new classrooms were added in 2000. The addition was long awaited and well appreciated.

Extension School Options

Erie Huron Ottawa Vocational Education

A vocational school that offers a variety of early career studies.


BGSU Firelands

An extension that offers many college level classes.


Tax Reduction Letter

TO:                 Property Owners of Kelleys Island

From:              Kelleys Island Board of Education

RE:                 School Property Tax Reduction

The Kelleys Island Board of Education passed a resolution and forwarded it to the Auditor of Erie County instructing him NOT to collect 11.0 mills of outside school millage for calendar year 2017 ONLY.  This action was taken at the monthly school board meeting on October 12, 2017 and will result in approximately $854,327 in school taxes NOT being collected for one year, 2018.

The Board of Education passed this resolution after reviewing the financial plan projections for the next five years and determined that the district’s resources would allow us to pass this savings back to Kelleys Island property owners.

This reduction by the school board, for the EIGHTEENTH consecutive year, will allow property owners to continue to realize approximately a sixty-TWO percent (62%) savings on the school portion of their tax bill for calendar year 2018.

The Board of Education reviews the five year financial plan every fall and will act accordingly, keeping the school’s financial stability in the forefront and the property owner’s tax bill a close second.  Should the school or its programs require the full effective rate of voted millage, these reductions would cease.

If you have any questions regarding this action, please feel free to call Betty Schwiefert, Treasurer or Phil Thiede, Superintendent.


Your Kelleys Island School Board of Education